How to watch movies and download

To watch movies online, there are two options:

1- Whenever you have the RECOMMENDED OPTION, use that one, since it is a server that does not have much advertising.

2- Use the Torrent option and choose the quality in which you want to see the movies 4k, 1080p, 720p… close the advertising windows and view your movie.

To download a movie (you have to have software to download said torrent, for example utorrent, bitcomment, bittorent, search the internet for software to download torrents)

To do this, go to the bottom where you will see options to download and the different qualities, look for the one you want and download that file that will automatically take you to another tab to download the torrent (these files will not be found on our servers, but rather They are files that will last over time) so once the window opens, download the file that will be automatically detected by your torrent software and added automatically.

NOTE: Remember to look for an updated tracker list for better speed.